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Your Guide to Eco-Camping

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Solar Showers?

Solar Showers?

Yup, and that’s not all! It turns out that if you decide to go with eco-camping then you are not only saving the planet, but you are doing it in style. Plus it helps you avoid living a paradox of a life: going out into nature to spend time with nature while killing nature, simply because of the equipment you chose to purchase. Instead, you can look into a variety of green friendly pieces that not only help ease your mind, but also help you acquire camping gear that you would rather have than the normal alternative.

Throw-away Containers?

Throw-away Containers?

Absolutely! There are plenty of biodegradable supplies that you can use in order to reduce your carbon footprint. On top of that, they are functional things that will be useful to you during your campout, such as plates, the aforementioned containers for food, biodegradable bags for picking up your dog’s droppings, and camping soaps that can keep you looking and smelling beautiful in a beautiful forest of your choosing. Search within and find out more about what these “throw away” supplies can do for you. Because nature is something that is worth preserving.

But What Else?

But What Else?

There is so much that you can do to be green while you are camping! From starting a fire to creating a latrine, your actions have an effect on the location you are in. But with your help, you can minimize that effect so that you don’t create a large disturbance in the structures and patterns of the forest, or wherever you are. Perhaps a way you could avoid clearing away lots of natural underbrush for the purpose of setting up your tent is by using a thick pad. Let us number the ways!